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Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for our students. 

Yes, we provide before and aftercare for families.

Yes, we provide transportation for students.

Families are crucial to the success of our school, we welcome families in the building anytime. Our families often volunteer in the classrooms, at school events, and serve on hiring committees. We also are creating a family board that will thought partner with the CWC Leadership Team to ensure we are meeting the needs of our community. 

CWC Cincinnati maintains a school calendar that broadly aligns with the Cincinnati Public Schools’ school day. The calendar prioritizes CWC Cincinnati’s ability to accomplish its mission and maximize opportunities for planning time and staff professional development at the individual, grade, and school-wide levels. 

Arrival: 8:00, Dismissal: 3:00

We have partnerships with several organizations that provide enrichment for our students including Girl Scouts, The Cincinnati Children’s Theatre, School Aide, Brick Gardens, Inoarg Yoga, and more!

Our preschool, Waverly’s Hope provides a summer program to ensure students are ready for Kindergarten!

CWC Cincinnati is a tuition-free public community school. Enrollment is open to any student in Ohio. Our focus is on serving families who live in proximity to the school itself in Madisonville so that we can ensure that the school becomes a true hub within the community. To apply, please click here.

CWC Cincinnati will be an intentionally diverse school that will mirror the diversity of the surrounding community in terms of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. We expect that diversity to be reflected not just among our students but amongst our staff, as well.

CWC Cincinnati’s mission is built on a commitment to diversity. This commitment explicitly includes ensuring that all students, including students with learning differences, receive a full continuum of services. We have a number of structures built into our learning model which ensure that we meet the needs of each child. This includes multiple teachers and support staff in each classroom, small-group instruction, and dedicated planning time each day for teachers to modify lessons to meet the needs of individual students.  Our workshop model provides for substantial independent work time, which allows teachers to meet with small groups of students and with individual students. In addition, the school will follow an inclusive model which allows special education staff to push into classrooms with one-on-one support when needed, rather than pulling students out of the classroom.

The Executive Director of CWC Cincinnati is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the region and manages the principal and other leaders in the region. CWC Cincinnati schools is governed by a locally-based, not-for-profit board of governors that sets policy and has fiduciary responsibility for the school. CWC Cincinnati board meetings are open to the public and we post all agendas on our website.

CWC is a network of tuition-free public schools that are open to all students. We are committed to providing a rigorous, high-quality education to a racial, ethnic, and socioeconomically diverse community of families. We seek to mirror the diversity of the communities we serve. We currently serve students pre-K through the 8th grade across seven schools in Los Angeles and Kansas City, Missouri. Our Los Angeles schools, which opened a decade ago, perform in the top 10% of elementary schools in Los Angeles, and our school in Kansas City is ranked #3 among elementary schools – including special magnet programs –  in English Language Arts.  In 2021-22, CWC Cincinnati launched serving students in grades K-1st, to meet the high-quality educational needs of students and families. 

Waverly’s Hope operates an on-site preschool for children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years. You can take a virtual tour here:

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