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Quality Education for Your Child

Our learning environment is part of a nationwide network of schools with the same values. Our organization established its first school in 2010, and it’s regarded among the best schools in the state. Parents and guardians trust us to develop their children in all aspects of their lives, from academics, social and emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and beyond. We promise to promote safety, equity, and growth in all areas of our educational programming, helping your child take charge of their lives and make our community stronger. Our learning environment is here to put your child first.

Our Five Core Values

We strive to reflect and follow through with our core values in everything we do. Our core values foster our students’ growth in every aspect of their lives. From our welcoming classrooms to the farthest reaches of our community, we promise to maintain our values and instill them in your child:


We believe in long-lasting education that helps your child succeed, instructing them in a welcoming and equitable environment while maintaining the highest level of academic rigor.


Education is a crucial component of any community's health, happiness, and success. We're not just a school. We are also neighbors who share the weight of the common good, however easy or challenging.


Your child's best self is their most authentic self. We encourage our staff members to be honest and comfortable with who they are so they can foster your child's unique interests and learning style.


Our students come from various racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that embracing our differences and working together helps strengthen our communities.


We realize that we can always be and do better. That's why we're devoted to transforming our communities, adapting to the changing needs of our students from generation to generation.

Growth-Minded Education

Citizens of the World Charter Schools is innovating how our community fosters children through growth-minded education in Cincinnati, OH.

We began interacting with the local community in 2016 after learning that there was a desire for our unique approach to child education. Our school combines academic rigor with social and emotional development, ensuring your child develops and is fulfilled in all areas of their life. We are a purposely diverse learning environment that addresses the educational needs of students from a wide arrange of backgrounds and walks of life, staying true to our core values for a brighter future.

We’re a Fordham Foundation-approved learning environment, and we’re excited for the possibilities that lay ahead for our students and our community.

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